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At ABC Cargo Express®, all shipments are maintained by best hands in the industry, coupled with customer service oriented support. We offer line support for Courier /Logistics Companies on next day priority basis.




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We are passionate about cargo and our proven cargo delivery process makes it easy to transport your package from here to there.


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Look up the status of your shipment with our online tracking system and follow your cargo till it arrives at its destination.


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Our team is committed to the safe arrival of your cargo. We will work together with you whenever you need our support.


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Payment for cargo transactions could be made at the ABC Terminal (point of transaction) or at any ABC Transport confirmed designated bank accounts. Payment made into individual personal bank account is at the cash owner's risk. | Insurance: Shipment Specific Insurance is 0.5% of Declared Value | Foreign Textile, Jewelries, Cheques in bearer form, Narcotics Human Remains, Live Animals, Live Ammunition and Currency.