Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Whom do I contact incase of any query?
  • Click at contact us for details of our terminals closest to you and call in to make your request with contact details. You can also click here to send in your request as regards tracking issues. We shall get back to you within 24 hours.

How safe are my shipments with ABC Cargo Express?

  • Absolutely safe

How many days will it take to deliver my shipment?

  • Click at Transit Time Calculator

How much will it cost to send my shipment?

What kind of shipments cannot be booked by me through ABC Cargo Express?

Can I change the address of a shipment that is not yet been delivered?

  • Yes, please get in touch with the booking branch, alternatively send a mail to contact@abccargoexpress.com (with the subject ‘Change in Delivery Address’, giving your contact details, new address and consignment number)

How can I locate/track a shipment that has been sent to me / has been sent by me?

Can I have a list of your service locations?

  • Click here for enquiries on the service location closest to you.

How important is my feedback / suggestions to ABC Cargo Express?

  • We greatly value your suggestions / opinions, which helps us to serve you better at all times.

How can I make a pickup request?

What is Volumetric weight and how is it calculated?




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Payment for cargo transactions could be made at the ABC Terminal (point of transaction) or at any ABC Transport confirmed designated bank accounts. Payment made into individual personal bank account is at the cash owner's risk.